keskiviikko 20. kesäkuuta 2012

Producing text by using a mobile

Couple of weeks ago our family participated an orienteering camp in the eastern Finland. I decided to take advantage of sitting long time in a car. I had a pile of books with me to go through and I used a tablet device to write down the main points and ideas to the Google docs. During the trip back and forth I was able to write a lot of text for my thesis.

Usually I borrow the books from the local and university library. Sometimes it happens, that I haven't had time to go through the book and there are reservations of it. In this kind of cases I've used to quickly go through the pages, take photos of most important by using a mobile device and share them in my private Picasa album. Thus I've been able to read them later when I've time. Easy and handy!

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  1. Pitäisiköhän hommata tuollainen "monitoimilaite", josko sitä saisi enemmän aikaan?

    Hyvää kesää