sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012

History meets the future

Recently in my studies we have handled history of education in Finland. That has opened my eyes really. In Finland education has a long background even if everybody has had equal opportunities to study just during the few decades. I interviewed my mother who was born 1940, just during the war. Her mother became widow when my mother was one year old and she had a quite poor but happy childhood. She would have liked to study to become a teacher, but that wasn't financially possible. She got some financial support to be able to study at business school and worked as a secretary before she married my father and managed a farm with him.

In the beginning of this week history and mobile met in the third MobileSummer school at the HAMK UAS Mustiala unit. In addition to trainings we organized an orienteering competion (O-meet). All the questions were related to the history of Mustiala area and the agricultural education. Questions were found behind the QR-codes using the latest technology, eg. smart phones and tablet devices. That was a great way to learn more during the evening program before sauna and swimming.

My studies will continue during summer by writing my final project. My topic is related to the open, creative  and collaborative model that helps people to work together towards the common goal. In the key role are different types of personality, different roles people take in the groups and open source applications and cloud services.

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