torstai 5. huhtikuuta 2012

Google site as a learning platform

During this period in my studies we walked through different group working and teaching methods. We practiced by teaching  to a group of 6 people a chosen method or a skill by using a chosen teaching method. Afterwords everyone's part was evaluated by the group.

I decided to teach others what is a QR code and how it could be used in learning and teaching. I created a Google site for this purpose. It's a good way to collect all the information and material related to a certain study module or issue to one place. There you're able to attach all the learning tasks, instructions and share information during the period. Created site can be open to everyone or in use of a certain group only.

The learning task consisted of 8 different parts:
  • prework (to install QR code reader into own mobile device)
  • start discussion (to find out what did group knew about QR-codes)
  • what is a QR-code - discussion
  • what is a QR-code reader, how to read a QR-code - practical training
  • what kind of information can be attached behind the QR-code
  • how to create a QR-code - practical training
  • using QR-codes in teaching and learning - brainstorming
  • evaluation
This learning session was held via AdobeConnect environment, which worked quite well in this kind of case. Our group was active. My presence via camera was also an important issue. People felt that I was there with them more closely.

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