maanantai 1. lokakuuta 2012

Step by step - planning a course

During this autumn I've designed the steps of a course that belongs to my teaching practice. Planning has started from clarifying the learning outcomes, that is based on the curriculum. I've also collected the background information, like what kind of students there will be participating and how the teaching will be implemented.

The main issues, that I'm teaching in this course, are related to the mobile learning and how to utilize mobile devices for the purposes of park property management. I've divided my part at this course to three different training parts.

In the pre-learning part the students will clarify, what are the mobile devices, how to install apps to them and what kind of apps there are in general. In the practical part students will do mobile spotting (mobiilibongaus) and that is based for one of the mobile pedagogical models of mobile Pasi Silander. The last part is for applying previously learned issues to the practice and clarify their ideas.

Planing will still continue into a detailed level. Later I'll tell here experiences of the teaching practice.

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  1. Nice to hear interesting news. I am looking forward to hear more.