tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

Trying new ways

I've now finalized my thesis and choosing an internet site as a thesis environment was a correct decision. It was easy to add there photos and videos (for example some interviews and my own videos). It's fruitful to see and hear what real people say instead of text quotations. I also linked there mind maps, that can of course be later edited if needed, and they will be automatically updated to the site.

For readers it's easier to read this kind of thesis and return back to different iinteresting themes than in a long text document. The topics can be found as links like also additional material. Mobile devices can be used to read and investigate the thesis. All the materials are such that they work on different devices and platforms.

In the thesis there has been described useful models and methods to be used when working together with others in separate locations. This same model fits well to the education and teaching. Mobile devices are in a central role. By using them people are able to produce, create and generate ideas together when ever and where ever.

I wish this way of writing/creating a thesis encourages also other students to try something new. It was inspiring and fun!

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